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Bishop hasn’t lost faith, but starting to lose hope for church roof repairs

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Step inside New Hope International Worship Center and you can see the damage and smell the mold slowly taking over the church on 40th and Indiana in Kansas City’s inner city.

“The roof leaks so bad that the water just pools up on the floor,” said Bishop Michael Hardy.

There’s so much dampness inside the church that the tiles will no longer stick to the floor of what used to be the church’s playroom.

“The whole winter we was missing church because snow was on the roof and it was always leaking,” Bishop Hardy said.

The leaky roof is just the latest obstacle for this non-denominational church that opened five years ago. Last October, FOX 4 was there after the church was hit by vandals who ransacked the sanctuary and broke out windows on the church bus. A few months later, someone set that same bus on fire.

Now it’s the roof.

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Reps. from KKK, Aryan Nation denounce Jewish center shootings

OVERLAND PARK, Kan. — Some of the condemnation of Sunday’s violence comes from an unexpected source. Local representatives of the Ku Klux Klan and the Aryan Nation spoke out against the violence.

Both groups are active in Missouri, including locally in the metro. While Frazier Cross Jr. once affiliated himself with the KKK, representatives of both the KKK and the Aryan Nation were quick to separate themselves from the acts he’s accused of committing.

“We’re not out to do anything violent, we’re out here to protect ourselves,” explained metro resident Buddy Rumble.

Rumble is pro-white. He was affiliated with the National Socialist Movement when FOX 4 talked to him before a neo-Nazi rally in Kansas City last fall. On Monday Rumble explained he has since changed affiliations and is now part of the Aryan Nation.

He said both groups have similar non-violent missions.

KC Forum: American Heritage Girls, Summer Camp and Charity Gala

In this week’s KC Forum we learn all about the American Heritage Girls, a program similar to the boy scouts. What do you do with your kids this summer?
For years the Camellot Academy has offered drama, singing and dancing for kids. A young woman aspiring to become Miss Kansas is holding a gala to raise money for charity.

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Metro high school students strive to feed area homeless for at least three days

INDEPENDENCE, Mo. — Metro high school students want to feed everyone in need in eastern Jackson County for three days.

So on Saturday, they set up at the Hy-Vee in Independence. The students were up with the early birds this morning with one goal in mind.

“They’ve been working on this project for weeks,” said Doug Cowan of the Community Services League.

It’s actually a huge goal.

“We’ve been working with our schools and churches and local organizations trying to get some donations to help our goal,” Britany Copack, a student at Fort Osage High School.

In 12 hours the Youth Advisory Councils from 14 local high schools want to collect 10,000 non-perishable food items, which is enough to feed the hungry in Jackson County for three days.

“It’s called Global Youth Service Day and we participate every year,” said Amanda Knight, a student at Truman High School.

Club KC makes additions to continue combating teen crime

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — The Country Club Plaza is a common hangout for teens, and it was just three years ago that a violent fight broke out there. Now Club KC is doing everything it can to make sure that never happens again.

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It was the year 2011 when a mob fight with more than 100 teens happened resulting in three people being shot, and dozens injured.

When Roosevelt Lyons saw that headline on his television screen, he knew something had to be done.

“98 percent of the kids are good kids, doing what they’re supposed to do, looking for a place to hang out,” he said.

It’s why Lyons got Club KC off the ground. For the past three years it’s given kids a place to dance and play sports. But this year, he started noticing a new trend.