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Bloodied Child Says Teacher Injured Her | News

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Bloodied Child Says Teacher Injured Her

A Kansas City Missouri School District teacher is in trouble after a four-year-old girl with blood stains on her clothes told her mother that the teacher had hurt her.

Fatima, the four-year-old preschooler at Pitcher Elementary School in Kansas City, Mo., told her mother that after eating lunch on Monday, a teacher grabbed her behind the ears and gave her an angry look.

Norma Reyes examined her daughter and discovered small cuts behind her ears and blood stains on her shirt. She then took her to Children's Mercy Hospital where a hospital social worker reported the incident to police.

According to the police report, the girl told officers the teacher who grabbed her was named Mrs. Bartels. When asked if anyone else saw what happened, the girl told police that a Mrs. McCall also witnessed the incident. The girl's mother told police the school never notified her.

Police examined the child and confirmed there were two small lacerations, one behind each earlobe. Photographs of the child's injuries and clothing were taken and a report was given to the Child Abuse Hotline. The Crimes Against Children Unit was also notified and advised of the charges.

The Kansas City Missouri School District said Mrs. Bartels has been removed from the classroom and that the school district is looking into the allegations. As for Reyes and her daughter, they haven't been back. Reyes said her daughter is traumatized and can't sleep.

"I can't sleep too," said Reyes. "I have a headache because I was thinking about my daughter. I'm worried for my daughter."

The allegations come just days after another parent in the district claims that a teacher at the district's Afrikan-Centered Elementary (ACE) School grabbed her four-year-old son's arm after she dropped him off at school on Monday.

"They mistreat my child and they cover up for this teacher," said Karen Barlett. "I'm very angry. She snatched my son's arm up violently and caused bruising to his left arm. I seen it and I told her 'Don't ever put your hands on my child again.'"

The teacher in the ACE incident is still in the classroom.

In a statement to FOX 4, the district said "We review each incident on a case by case basis. We must complete an individual assessment under state and federal law and those that govern child abuse and reporting. Our ultimate goal is to protect the students in our care while being fair to staff members."


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